Later this Spring, Crosley will update its dealer program to reflect some of the changes which have occurred in the marketplace over the last few years. When our current dealer price structure was implemented, no one had heard of an Sellers Marketplace or had access to smart-phones which scan and compare prices among retailers. Because of these changes in the marketplace, we will be reconfiguring our dealer program in April to reflect the realities of the current marketplace. Crosley is evolving their dealer program to support a “MAP” (Minimum Advertised Price) which will impact the bulk of the current items in our product portfolio. The details of the MAP pricing program will be released in April and implemented in early May. Our intention is to enhance the dealer program by creating additional incentives to dealers to stock, advertise and sell our merchandise. Look for a more detailed and specific update in our April newsletter. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email us.

Posted By Scott Bingaman

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