Last March, Monster Music & Movies put on their first record convention – the Charleston Record Expo. It was so successful, they had another one in September and are planning the third one for this coming March 24th. There are plans to make this a twice-yearly event. They had record vendors from Florida to Michigan and all points in between set up at the show. And they keep coming back, too.

Their store is the former Manifest Discs & Tapes, which they purchased in 2004 when Manifest closed its doors. The store has been in the same location in Charleston for 20 years. They carry a deep selection of new & used CDs, DVDs, records, & various Ephemera. They’ve always carried vinyl, but the purchase of a 22,000 piece collection a number of years ago fueled the vinyl resurgence and gave them quite a bit of credibility. They have also been fortunate enough to keep acquiring quality record collections and now have an inventory of least 10,000 used records, not including the $1 and $3 bargain sections, nor the 45s! Monster also has a large selection of new vinyl as well (LP and 7″).

The first Saturday of every month they have a Vinyl Saturday sale, where all new & used vinyl is 20% off, and they usually have at least one or two live bands.

Monster is a Record Store Day store and participate in all things Record Store Day!

Posted By Scott Bingaman

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