We are pleased to announce our record store holiday stocking offer email is being sent this evening to over 700 record stores we have worked with in the past.  This year, we are offering special shipping discounts on our new “Record Store Specials” which consist of factory case-quantity turntables, known to us as “Master Packs”.  Master Packs make it easier for us to deliver products directly to our stores via UPS and FedEx.  When we don’t need to re-box them for shipment, the factory packaging generally optimizes shipping space and efficiency, allowing for further savings.

The products involved this year include the Crosley Oval Turntable, the Crosley Platter-Pak 45 RPM Record Carrying case and the Crosley Spinnerette Portable USB Turntable.  The savings are significant for ordering in case quantity, so please take advantage of this offer before it expires on November 30, 2011.  Our new website has a “Record Store Specials” link, accessible from the homepage, which lists all of the products currently available in Master Pack Quantity.  You can see it here:  http://www.deerparkdist.com/Record-Store-Specials-s/29.htm

The New Platter Pak’s are part of the Holiday Record Store offer.

If you don’t receive an email tonight, email us directly at sales@deerparkdist.com and we will have it sent over the weekend.
Have a great weekend, and let’s plan for a great Black Friday and beyond.

Posted By Scott Bingaman

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